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         Legacy Reunion

Join The Legacy Reunio for an evening of monster grooves, high energy, and dance-able hits.  Get swept up in the musical whirlwind with some of the greatest musicians in the world performing the hit songs that combine jazz, R&B, disco, and soul into the perfect pop storm that dominated the 1970s and spanned five decades of popularity.

Legacy Reunion elevates things to an unbelievable level. Without fail they have people on their feet dancing as they bring to life the greatest hits in extolment one of the worlds best selling bands of all time.

The Legacy Reunion Alumni in no way represents or implies endorsement or sponsorship by Earth Wind & Fire IP LLC


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The Celebrity All Star Band

  is a market leader in entertainment for the private events, corporate and casino market nationwide. 

Performing a tight, dynamic and excitingly powerful 3 hour non stop show, corporate clients include Disney, Price Cooper Waterhouse, Miller / Coors, Neiman Marcus,Simon Properties, Booze Allen Hamilton, Anheuser Busch and many other iconic brands.


The act is currently at about 50-60 + dates a year in the corporate and casino and private events market domestically and abroad



The Lords Of 52nd Street

In 1975 Billy Joel started looking for a new band. He had already released two studio albums with minimal success and was looking for a New York sound for his next record “Turnstiles”.


His first choice to start to build the band was a fellow long islander and bass player, Doug Stegmeyer. He asked Doug if he knew some musicians to help round out the band, Doug replied  “You know them already”. Doug suggested former band mates Liberty Devitto and Russell Javors, two guys that Billy had known well from his Long Island Music scene,  and the band began to rehearse and truly become a unit.The rest is history

THE LORDS OF 52ND STREET are New York’s favorite band.

They sold more than 150 million records.

They helped establish Billy Joel’s formidable sound.

And they continue to perform their legendary hits still to this day.

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